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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Red Kites - Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday - the image for today might be a really tricky one for some and you might get stuck or you might get it straight away!

File:CARE International – friendship and love.jpg

School value for this half term - Friendship

Let's start simple today - what is friendship to you? How would you explain it to an alien?

New addition to Whitewater Website - Religious Ethos Page

Our religious ethos at Whitewater CofE Primary informs the character, culture, learning and life of our school. We are pleased to share how we live and breathe our beliefs on the ‘Religious Ethos Page’ that can now be found within the ‘Our School’ section of the Whitewater website. It includes useful information under the headings of School Prayers, Church Community, Collective Worship, Home School Values, R.E. Curriculum, Spirituality and The Big Freize.

  • Islay Red kite 1 year ago
    Morning Mr G, I hope you got more sleep than you did last night?! I think the picture is the one in the box at the front of the class room but i'm not to sure. My sunflower is doing great , there isn't a flower (bud) on it yet but it's still really tall. Have a great day!
  • FreyaRedKite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G Is the picture for today of the box with the glue sticks in? To me, friendship is having someone who knows you and that you can always trust with anything. True friendship can be hard to find but can mean the world when you do. You don't always have to see true friends everyday, which makes it all the more special when you do. True friendship also means that you shouldn't feel scared around one another and be truthful when giving advice. From Freya
  • Éva Red Kite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, today’s photo is from our glue stick box. Friendship to me is, trust, kindness and loyalty. If I had to explain these qualities to an Alien, I would draw pictures and use hand signals because we would not speak the same language. Have a great day!
  • Red Kites Isla 1 year ago
    Hi everyone I have no clue where any of the pictures are!!! Mt Sunflower is up to my waist now!!! ( 75 cm ) It is huge
  • james 1 year ago
    Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well. Mr G is it the glue box that the picture is of for today. How are your daughters? James.B
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Islay - you are right with your guess about the location. Can you remember what we keep in it? Your sunflower sounds great - keep looking after it! I did have a better nights sleep, thank you!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Freya - your answer was completely accurate! Well done! I enjoyed reading your version of friendship. I believe it true that you don't have to see or hear from true friends - this is something that is evident in the lives that we live today through this difficult time. Honesty is also a key component - to tell them what your heart is saying because you care so dearly for them.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Éva, Trust, kindness and loyalty. Simple isn't it. Loyalty is key. To be with that person throughout good times and bad. I would love to watch you have a conversation with an alien - your pictures would help a lot, I am sure!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Isla, The game this week is tricky for you! I love your photo of your sunflower with you stood by it. Would you like me to add it to the blog tomorrow? It is so tall!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello James! Yep you are correct with your guess - well done! I thought it was tricky today but obviously not! Thank you for asking about my daughters - they are well. I think Ellie is starting to get a little bored of just seeing our two faces every day but we are definitely making the most of it. Mainly den building and playing hide and seek in the house!