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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Monday 27th April

This week, I thought we could play a little game!

Each day, I will post a photo of something from school. The image might be cropped or zoomed in on.

Where in our school is the image above?

Who has been a star for you during the school closure? How have you been a star at home?

This week looks like we are likely to see a lot of rain this week - don't be afraid of the rain! Get out in it (where and when permitted) as we must make use of all this time at home!

  • luke 1 year ago
    Sadly MrG the canderler was to low light so we couldn't see if there were pheasants in there so we could have a couple of exploding eggs. I haven't heard about the rent but i can get a picture and send it to you. My mum has been my superstar because she has to deal with us every day and try to keep us entertained. I don't know where that my be.
  • Caitlin Red Kites 1 year ago
    Hiya Mr G, hi Red Kites! I hope everyone's having fun and making the most of the time with your family. Our hens are now beginning to grow their feathers back they still look a bit scrawny, but are looking a lot smarter. Henrietta has found a good place to have dust baths and when she ruffles her feathers she leaves a cloud of dust around her! I think I know where the glittery foam star is from, the sign that says class 5 outside our door. I hope to see every one soon. Caitlin
  • Éva Red Kite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G I don’t have any idea where this star is placed at school. My Mum and Justin have been my stars during lockdown. Mum and I have spent many hours together doing all the things I wouldn’t normally have time for. We have cycled along the waterfront many times and been on some lovely dog walks exploring the new area. It’s been a really fun experience. I’ve been helping Mum cook some nights, I’ve been getting creative with Kaya (step-sister) in cookery and art.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Luke! That’s a shame - uh oh to the exploding eggs! I bet your mum has been a superstar and I am sure you let her know how you feel too. Well done! Have a think about the star...
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Éva, Exploring new areas and going cycling a lot sounds like a really lovely time - well done for making the most of it. Cookery and art with Kaya sounds fab too :) Think about the star...
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Caitlin! YOU ARE THE FIRST TO HAVE GUESSED CORRECTLY!! Well done eagle eyes :) I will not approve your message until tonight so people have time to guess. Very impressed! Henrietta having a dust bath sounds funny - might be an actual bath in a few days if the rain comes in!
  • Red Kite Freya 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G Is that the star above the class 5 sign on our door? My Mum and Dad have both been a star throughout lock down because they have not only found ways too entertain me and my brothers but they've also been taking us out for exercise and spending lots of time with us. Can't wait to see everyone soon!! From Freya 😊
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Freya, YOU HAVE GUESSED CORRECTLY! Well played :) I will approve your post tonight just in case anyone else will guess where the star is! Entertaining you, helping you do exercise and spending lots of time with you :) that sounds like a brilliant way to spend each and every day and I’m sure you’re very thankful.