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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Thursday 23rd April

It looks like it might  be another sunny one today people - stay safe and look after yourselves!

Morning all,

It is lovely hearing from you all and seeing what you are doing so thank you.

Thought of the day: What are the top three things that you will want to do when things return to normal?

My answers: hug my mum, take Ellie and Jess to soft play and go to the beach for the day.

Thank you Emelia for sending your photos in - you were very brave on that swing and I love your plants and flowers. They will look great!


  • Caitlin Red Kite 1 year ago
    Hello Mr G. Hiya Red Kites! 😉 The three things I'd like to do when thing return to normal would be to give Grandma a hug, because although I can see her (we live next door) I can't give her a hug, but we do have long distance conversations. I'd also like to go to the beach - like you Mr G. My Grandma has a beach hut in Mudeford. I love collecting shells there. I've got loads!! I would also like to go to Sushi Maki. 🍣 I am going to send a picture of Henrietta - she's a bit scrawny, but we are feeding her up! I hope you all are enjoying homeschool.🤞 Caitlin
  • Red Kite Isla 1 year ago
    Hi Mr.G and Red Kites, when things return normal the three thing I want to do is... See my dog (I haven't seen her in 9 weeks as she is in korea still☹️ ) See my friends go outside more because we are only allowed to go out once a day ☹️ Isla
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Caitlin! Ah I do like Mudeford and looking for things on the beach - reminds me of PGL! Would you like me to add the photo of Henrietta to the blog? Well done for feeding her up!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Isla, It must be so strange without your dog and I think that is a really lovely thing to look forward to. I know what you mean about going out more than once a day. It has made me very thankful of the daily trip out and exercise around where I live.
  • Red kite Tristan 1 year ago
    Hi peeps,I am looking forward to seeing my brothers & sisters as I miss them;going to school to learn and see my friends & going to our house in France because it's fun and my older brother was meant to go to France with us over Easter 😕🤧
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Trist! France sounds like fun yet a shame you couldn’t go at Easter. Hopefully he can go with you another time. I have very happy memories of France at your age. I remembering it being so hot and in the tent it was even hotter! I miss teaching you!