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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 7th July - Wat-er Race!

Well done to Diamond for their win yesterday and to everyone who took part - spread the word. How many people will take part today?

Wat-er Race!

Did you measure your water?

Did you fill yours to the top? 

Were you cautious and slowly walked or did you really go for it and sprinted round your course?

Did you try one cup in both hands? How much harder was it?

I want to hear all about how you have challenged yourself!

  • RedKite Monty 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, I hope you are well ? We were really sad to miss yesterdays activities- our system was hacked! We had great fun taking part in the "Wat-er race" it was really amusing watching my sisters taking part as well, mainly because most of the water ended up on them instead of remaining in the cup. I managed to complete 20.5 laps during my three attempts and only spilt 202ml during the race. I also enjoyed doing the Bottle flip challenge and the Shoe Shuttle which were both very fun (mainly because I won the bottle flip challenge and came second in the Shoe shuttle race.) I am really looking forward to the activities tomorrow and I hope everyone is having lots of fun whilst competing. Hope to see you soon Monty.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Monty G! This blog sums up why you are the perfect Sports Captain! This made me smile, laugh and be proud of your energy. It sounds like you have had a brilliant day and I must admit, watching people spill water is quite amusing. I took part in the shoe shuttle (cone shuttle for us due to needing to stay away from one another's belongings!) and I was pleased to come first. Caitlin and Charlie came joint second. It was tiring but good fun! For the wat-er challenge we used paint palettes - that was tricky but Freya did exceptionally well! She barely spilled a drop! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!
  • RedKite Monty 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, hope you are well? We had great fun taking part in day 3 of sports week. We really enjoyed doing the Bucket Ball (even our dog took part!) I manged to score 23 points throughout my three attempts, putting me into the lead by just 1 point. We also had great fun competing in the Recycled bowling (which was actually much harder then it seemed at first!) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Monty.

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