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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Monday 20th April 2020

Easter eggs, gardening and early mornings.

Hello and welcome one and all to the first ever Red Kites class blog - how exciting!

Where shall I start? Well firstly, I want to say how strange it is not to be in class with you. Very strange indeed so I am hoping that this blog can replicate even just a little bit of the fun that we have in class. Mini questionnaire for you to provide me with some or all answers so I can figure out what you have all been up to!

1) Favourite part of the Easter holidays?

2) Best thing about being at home?

3) The thing you are missing most from school - you all must be missing something!

4) What have you been filling your time with at home?

5) Have you learned any new skills?

6) What have you been trying to improve on?

My answers are here :)

1) Eating chocolate, being in the garden and having some time to think what is really important

2) Watching both of my daughters playing and growing together

3) I am missing coming out on the playground at the end of break and lunch and getting our class together. Who needs to pick up their water bottle? Tuck your shirts in. Are we ready?

4) Hoovering quite a lot - having four people at home makes a lot of mess and Jess is very fast. She tries putting everything into her mouth so we need to make sure the floor and carpets are clean and tidy! She has also been waking up at 5:30am. Not cool Jess.

5) I am very slowly learning sign language and I am also learning to give myself one task to do a day and to be happy once it is completed rather than focus on the things that I did not achieve.

6) I have been trying to improve on the amount of water I am drinking as I have started running each day. My body needs to rehydrate but you know this because I say it many times a day to you!

Come and say hello - update me anything and everything as communication is very important and I am keen to catch up as it has now been 30 days since I saw you last!

Mr G



  • red kite joe 1 year ago
    hi guys, it's me joe miss you all 1)finding chocolate eggs! and staying at home. 2)not getting sunburnt 3) not seeing my friends 4)playing games (bank attack it is hard). 5)to cycle on the paths in the woods and on the road safely 6)trying to work together as a team in bank attack cycling better and to roast marshmallows on the log burner because our fire basket has rusted through.
  • Charlie Burridge 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G! I hope you are all well and happy and here are my answers! 1) my favourite part is spending time witch my family and going on cycle rides with my dad. 2) having people to talk with and play with. 3) I am missing the fun of learning and spending time with my friends. 4) mostly exercising and playing with my friends online. 5) I have learnt how to stack cards and also how to figure out the total of the inside angles for any shape. 6) I have been trying to improve my fitness and am also going on occasional runs and doing reps. My parents have been helping a lot and are supporting me all the way through. hope to see you when this is over! Charlie
  • James burridge 1 year ago
    1)Annoying Charlie and playing Animal Crossing new leaf (the old version not the one on the switch). 2)I have more time to do Tik Toks - you should go and check them out. 3) You Mr G( also your nagging). 4) Reading, badminton, boardgames and drinking cups of tea. 5) looking after plants(i've been growing cucumber as well as the sunflower i got given). 6) Badminton (i'm bad with serves).
  • Luke Baldwin 1 year ago
    1. Spending time with my brothers. 2. Spending time with dad because i don't usually see him as much as the others. 3. My friends and all the work. 4. Mainly spending time outside on my bike but i have also be doing baking, gardening, we have gone to the allotment and playing lots of games. 5. I have learnt how to use an incubator because the neighbours dog scared a pheasant off her nest so we took the eggs in and put them in the incubator to see if they will hatch. 6. I have been trying to work on my maths in the form of playing uno.
  • Caitlin 1 year ago
    Hello Mr G! I hope you and your family are well and you are enjoying yourself. 1. I really enjoyed our bike ride yesterday when my mum and I went up a big hill in Mapledurwell and then we went down a really ''smooth'' hill (not). 2. No school uniform. 3. Seeing my friends. 4. I've read quite a few books: The Girl Who Speaks Bear, The Girl Who Stole An Elephant, Goodnight Mister Tom, Lightning Girl 3 and I finished Anne Frank. I'm definitely going to read a lot more because I'm getting a kindle! i have also been doing some D.I.Y. 5. D.I.Y and have made quiche and rice crispy cakes! i have also made a spin art machine. We had to make a circuit to do it. 6. Keeping my room tidy (mum suggested I put this one on). From Caitlin
  • Red Kite/Monty 1 year ago
    Hello Mr G I really miss school but I am having lots of fun at home. My favourite part of the Easter holidays was walking my dog every day. The best thing about staying at home is that I can have a long lie in every day. The thing that I am missing the most is my friends and playing football with them. I am filling my time by building lots of things out of Lego. I have learnt how to make different meals such as Roast lamb, chicken curry and an Ottolenghi prawn and orzo dish. I have been trying to be more helpful around the house too. I am really pleased that we now have this blog. Speak soon, Monty
  • Tristan 1 year ago
    1)Staying at home and eating my Easter eggs . 2)Spending time with the family and our dogs. Eating and sleeping 3)Seeing my friends and trying to sneak into class without MrG noticing 🤫 4)Walks on the farm ,board games, trampolining Lego, xbox and ofcourse origami and cooking. 5)New card games,new origami &how houses are built. 6)Maths, spelling ,baking and playing cards See you all soon(hopefully!!) Stay safe and stay well Tristan
  • Isla 1 year ago
    1. I didn't have a Easter holiday as I just had one in Vietnam. 2. The best thing about being at home is not having to drive all the way to school everyday. 3. The things I miss from school is seeing my friends and going outside on the playground. 4. I am filling my time in at home by playing on my computer, drawing, and calling my friends in Korea! 5. The skill I learnt is a new magic trick which I play on my family. 6. I have been trying to improve on my times tables.
  • Red kite Tristan 1 year ago
    Hi everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and well 1)Finding and eating my Easter eggs and hot cross buns and going for walks on the farm 2)Spending time with the family and our dogs. Sleeping alot. 3)I miss all you lot and trying to sneak into the classroom without MrG noticing 🤫 4)Maths,reading,baking and cooking,playing in garden and on trampoline.Board games, xbox, legoland ofcourse origami. 5) How to play some card games including clock patience,how to do more skilled origami, cooking. 6) Maths and baking.
  • Eva Quaver 1 year ago
    Hello Mr Smile Cheese, I hope you are doing well. My answers are: 1) 2) I have been able to do a lot more baking, last week I made scones and we had them with raspberry jam and clotted cream, 3) I am missing the face to face communication with the teachers and my friends, 4) I have been watching TV, baking, walking, bike riding, making a cushion, building a stool, using power tools, making dens in the lounge, Tik Toks, virtual dance classes and painting on a canvas, 5) I have been learning how to paint a lot better by looking at something and copying it. So far I have done a watermelon slice with black and white stripes as a back round. I have really enjoyed doing it because it looks really nice. 6) Painting..
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Joe! A virtual house point for you to being the first Red Kite to write a comment! Nothing beats a good egg hunt - I bet you were great. The sun has been quite strong but I am glad you have been sensible. I had to Google 'Bank Attack' and it looks like fun - I can imagine a few of you sitting round the table playing that. It is hard not seeing friends during the closure so hopefully chatting on here will help until things return to normal. Cycling sounds like a really good skill to improve on. I think a lot of it is confidence and we know that practice makes permanent! Great to hear from you Joe and enjoy those marshmallows!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Charlie! I like your style - we need to make the most of this time and cycling is a good idea. As I have said to my family, this is a unique time and we are lucky to have company. Ah, the fun of learning - that is lovely to hear. I am definitely missing teaching, failing and learning each day. That sounds like a good balance - I am trying to run while on our family daily walk for exercise. You need patience to stack cards and I am sure it has frustrated you when they all fall but you can always build again! Sounds like you are in a good place and we will see one another - we just don't know when yet. Boo. Patience is a virtue. Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi James! It is good to hear from you 😊 Things that I have just educated myself about Animal Crossing: Bells are used as money and quite excitedly you start the game as the town mayor – excellent! I have a little knowledge of Tik Tok and some of the song that people dance to are very very catchy! Ah, I am glad you have missed me and my nagging – you do make me laugh! Board games are a great time filler – we have been playing Pop Up Pirate – hours of fun. Growing cucumber: can’t wait to see how that goes. I find badminton quite a frustrating sport but it is one that I enjoy. Serving is tricky – keep at it and have a great Tuesday! Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Morning Luke! It is fantastic that you have loved spending time with your brothers and I am sure they feel the same. Similarly with your Dad – in normal life when everyone is not working from home, we can sometimes pass like ships in the night between all of the activities, work and play that we all do. I too am enjoying spending time with family and I am sure my two girls are too. It is good to miss your friends – it makes us realise how fortunate we are and how strong those friendships are and I am sure they miss you too. You will catch up on the work when we can, don’t worry 😊 It sounds like you have been outside a lot – enjoying the sun and making use of your surroundings – love it. An incubator! I cannot wait to hear more about it – pretty jealous! You are correct, Uno is maths!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Miss Komrower! Thank you – that is very kind. A bike ride sounds excellent especially in this weather. It sounds like your mum tricked you (I can imagine your reaction😊 ) but I bet it was good fun too. Yes, no school uniform is an interesting one. I seem to be a lot more productive in a suit and tie with a class full of children but we are learning how to be flexible and adaptable. You have been so busy with your reading – fantastic! Which was your favourite? Well done for finishing Anne Frank – out of all the things you read in your life (there will be many) you will not forget that book. A kindle – lucky girl! I find pros and cons of both but they both have their place! D.I.Y – excellent! Always useful and sometimes I think that if I wasn’t a teacher, I would want to be an electrician or a tradesperson – so handy when things go wrong! Quiche sounds tasty. I had to Google spin art machine – looks very creative and therapeutic to look at. You will not get a better time to keep things ship shape and having a place for everything – get into good habits 😊 Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Mr Girling! The school and your friends miss you too Monty – I can imagine what you are missing and how annoying it is to not be out and about with your friends and learning. It is times like this where I wish I had a four-legged friend. However, we have decided to adopt a cat but due to the lockdown we cannot have one yet. I grew up with two cats and would love one around the house but we wanted to make sure the girls were old enough to fight back if the cat got a little moody 😊 A long lie in – jealous. Jess woke me up at 5:10 today. My morning has consisted of being a human play park, having porridge thrown at me and watching Frozen 2 for what seems like the 100th time this week. I must say that I do love it too and find the songs very catchy especially into the unknown. Being creative with LEGO is a good use of your time and I am impressed with your cooking skills – I look forward to borrowing your recipe when I see you again. Sounds like the orzo dish might be useful in the suggested task today! Have a smiling Tuesday. Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Tristan my man! There is something so comforting about sitting down and eating some Easter eggs. Ditto – time with family is a real luxury. I bet your dogs are good company too and that they have loved seeing you for hours every day – they will find it unusual when we all go back to normal when that happens! Your friends miss seeing you too and I no longer have to look out the corner of my eye for a sneaking Tristan each morning – I miss that. I think you should make your own origami book for other children – you would be a great teacher! I really do hope that we all see one another soon – let’s stay safe and look after the people around us and enjoy each day. I look forward to you teaching me these new card games. That sounds like fun and a good way to spend some time! Keep being super busy and teach your dogs some new tricks – we are never too old to learn 😊 Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Isla, I hope you had a lovely Easter with your family. An Easter in the UK would have been a lovely surprise if someone had told you that a few months ago but things are a little different right now. I am glad you are enjoying being at home and not having to travel to school. It is quite bizarre not driving every day. Doing the weekly shop in Tesco and enjoying the five minute drive feels like a luxury! Your friends were so pleased to see you on your return back home and I know they will be missing you too. We are so lucky with our playground aren’t we! It is still there and it will be ready to be used. I love that you are drawing in your spare time. I like to draw and find it quite calming. I am so glad that you are in touch with your friends from Korea and it must be interesting to hear what they are up to. Have you shown them your sunflower? The photo that your mum sent in is incredible! So tall and well done for re-potting it. Has it got a name? Something that size needs its own name. A new magic trick – I can’t wait to see that when I see you again. Keep up the good work. My wife wants to know any advice for growing a sunflower as hers is non-existent so far ☹ I will share a photo with everyone soon! Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Ah Miss Éva Quaver! Lovely to hear from you – more baking sounds delicious! I do love a good scone. Key question: do you put jam onto the scone and then the clotted cream on top of the jam or the other way around? This blog will be brilliant for us but I agree, it cannot replace the face to face communication and life that we are so used to and love! I am looking forward to when my two girls are old enough to go on bike rides – Eloise has a balance bike so she can get used to it and is doing well so far. I remember making a cushion in school and in fact I had to use some of those skills last week when we found a hole in Eloise’s bean bag – I could still sew. Well, it hasn’t split yet! I bet you have been missing your dance classes but one thing that is great is that lots of those normal classes are virtual like yours. We even have virtual staff meetings! Building a stool?! Cannot wait to see it. Send a photo to Mrs Fox if you like! I can totally imagine you being a natural with power tools and building furniture is an amazing thing – could be the start of a career on the side of the dancing. Taking pride in your drawing and painting is brilliant for wellbeing during these unusual times – I hope you are keeping them all in a portfolio to look back on. Keep it up! Mr G aka Mr Smile Cheese
  • Freya 1 year ago
    Hi Mr Grinham and everyone else in Red Kite Class! 1) Making a massive NHS poster to put in our window and dip-dyeing my hair pink. 2) Being able to go on so many bike rides and have lie-ins in the morning! 3) Seeing all my friends, all the teachers, being house captain and Sports Day. 4) Reading, art, exercise (walks, runs, Joe Wicks, swimming in my hot tub, bike rides and some dancing.), being on my phone and playing with my dog. 5) Making a complete fry-up and learning how to do great eyeliner! 6) My drawing skills and hair and make up skills. I have also seen Mr Grinham around Hook: he walked past my house with his family and saw my poster and we saw you when you were walking were walking near the underpass!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! From Freya
  • Red Kite/Jack 1 year ago
    Hey dudes, its Jack and I hope you are all well and safe.1) Having chocolate and relaxing.2)having so much time to to do things. 3) I miss the environment of school and being around my friends. 4) I have been trying to distract myself by being on my iPhone and making things like tyre swings. I have also tidied my room (that is a BIG time consumer!)5)I have learned how to make an led flash on and off and I have made lots of cool projects with LEDs. I have been trying to improve on fortnite with Daniel and Seb. Seb and I are much better, so thanks to Dan( you really helped!) Charlie Daniel Me and Seb have been playing everyday and thats how we talk now!
  • Red kites Darcey 1 year ago
    Hi mr g my favourite part of the Easter holiday was sleeping and making tic toks . 2) Being able to sleep in . 3)I miss my friends. 4)I’ve been annoying my brothers And trampolining . 5) I can land a side flip . 6) nothing really . Miss everyone 😀
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Freya! Ellie has loved spotting all of the NHS posters around Hook on our daily walk so thank you for yours! I have heard of some people doing unusual things with their hair as they cannot get to a hairdresser and dip-dyeing it pink sounds like a great idea and I can totally imagine it! I can't dip-dye mine as it is too short but over the last few weeks there have been many clips it in from my daughter :) . We are so lucky where we live that there are so many cycle routes and space to keep our distance from one another while still enjoying the sunshine during the closure - you are doing a great job! A fry up reminds me of PGL! Well done you. Your friends will miss you too and for us teachers it is very strange being in such a quiet school for now. I am glad you are still reading lots (it was never in doubt) and the Joe Wicks sessions are fun and hard work too! The hot tub sounds perfect. We have had our paddling pool out and the girls had their first one together. Jess tries to drink the water. Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Jack! There has been so much time, hasn't there! It is lovely to not be rushing around so much like we are in our normal lives but I look forward to being busy again. Ah I miss the environment too Jack. I have just been in the classroom and although it is empty, you still get a feeling when you walk in. It is why I love it so much here. Well done for balancing between screen time and being creative. The tyre swing sounds like good fun. Haha tidying your bedroom. I am sure mum and dad were happy! I am expecting some kind of LED how to guide from you. You know so much! It is really nice to know that you, Seb and Dan are online (can you remember our e-safety rules?) helping one another along - excellent fellowship! Virtual house point to you! It is great that you are talking everyday. I have taught my parents how to FaceTime (a bigger task than you may think) so they can see my daughters at home and that has been really useful. Mr G
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Darcey! Good to hear from you. Sleeping is a great activity and landing a side flip is pretty impressive too! It can definitely be tricky with siblings when everyone is in the same space each and every day. Remember my rules - think before you speak and give yourself 10 seconds to make a choice :) Everyone misses you too Darcey! Mr G
  • Red Kites-Erin 1 year ago
    Hi Mr Grinham and everyone in Red Kites. My favourite parts of the Easter holidays was getting to enjoy the sunshine outside 2) Doing a lot of art work: painting a sheep and rabbit and drawing a really cute dog 3)Getting to play on my computer more. The thing I am missing most from school is not being able to catch up with my friends. Unfortunately, I have not learnt anything new so far but I hoping that I will. I have been trying to improve my drawing skills (even though I know I am good at drawing.) Miss everyone and hope to see everyone very soon.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Erin! I have been enjoying the sunshine today too - maybe too much as Mrs Fox commented on my tanned face today when I saw her in school. Let's hope the sunshine stays around for a while. I think this week looks good. I love that art is going well during the school closure - hard work at times but incredibly relaxing too especially when we are restricted at home. I absolutely loved your sheep - let me know if you are happy for me to put all three of them on the class blog for everyone to see. It is strange not catching up with everyone five days a week - quite bizarre really and like you said hopefully we can everyone soon. Mr G
  • Red Kite-Erin 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, it’s me Erin again. Yes I am totally happy 😃 with u putting my art work on the blog. Glad your enjoying the sunshine ☀️ as much as I am .😎. Yes doing art can be hard work but in the end it all payed off think fully. I am glad u liked my sheep 🐑 . My favourite one is my dog 🐶 that I drew. I am proud of all three of them though.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Erin, Excellent - I shall put it on the blog for today! Mr G