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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Thursday 4th June

Happy Thursday everyone!

It is important to think about Dunkirk today and all of those men who lost their lives during the war and also to those people in the 700 small boats who risked their own lives by crossing the channel and rescuing the stranded soldiers from France. To think that all of those people were so selfless in their actions makes me sad but also extremely thankful. 

Did anyone find anything out yesterday about the bicycle that they didn't know before? It doesn't matter if  you didn't! 

How is your Thursday going?

  • Red Kites- Erin 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, hope everything is going well. Going on to the question that you asked me yesterday day about how was my half term?, it was great thank you. I spent most of my time outside enjoying the last bit of the sunshine and also going on my computer, how was your half term? I also found out that the smallest bicycle ever made has the wheels the size of silver dollars. My Thursday is going great thank you, how is your going? Erin!
  • lukeredkitesclass5 1 year ago
    Today I saw Monty and we all played football but we still social distanced! We also played cricket and at the end nobody could get me out 6....6....6....6.....4.....4.....4....4. I also made a module spitfire for my air researcher badge out of clay i will send you a picture when it is painted. 🦒🦒🐢🐢 Your fave animals.

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