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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 2nd June

Which was your favourite fact about the Queen's coronation?

I had so many but this one was my favourite! Amazing that it was the first time that many people had watched television!

31. BBC coverage of the Coronation was a breakthrough for the history of broadcasting. It was the first service to be televised and for most people, it was the first time they had watched an event on television. 

I would love to hear yours!

  • lukeredkitesclass5 1 year ago
    I forgot to tell you about that. Last night was our last night we have now done 9 nights with is enough to get my blanket badge for scouts. Have you heard that there is a new sky channel. It is called sky nature and it looks the perfect place for me but the only problem is that Zachary does not like it so it might be difficult for me to actually watch anything. These are my favourite animals what are yours. ☞🐨🐼🐢🦎🐖🦃🦛🦏🐘
  • Eva Red Kite 1 year ago
    Hello Mr Grinham, this is my favourite fact, but I was also surprised about how coronation chicken gets its name from the Queens Coronation 40. Just under 30,000 men took part in the procession – 3,600 from the Royal Navy, 16,100 from the Army and 7,000 from the RAF, 2,000 from the Commonwealth and 500 from the 'Colonies'. There were 6,700 reserve and administrative troops, while 1,000 officers and men of the Royal military police were bought in to assist the Metropolitan police. A further 7,000 police were drawn from 75 provincial forces.
  • RedKite Monty 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, hope you're well? Iv'e had a look at the facts and some of them were very interesting but my favourite and most interesting fact was number 33. There were more than 2,000 journalists and 500 photographers from 92 nations on the Coronation route, that is an awful lot of people! I also went on The Gadgets Workbook and found out that my spy name is Storm Chip. I really enjoyed the Gadget workshop, are we doing more of this tomorrow?
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Luke! Blanket badge - superb, well done! Haha you do make me laugh. I had not heard about the new channel but it does sound perfect for you! Tell me if you see turtles or giraffes!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Éva! Great to hear from you - so many police officers and others that were there! It must have needed so much organising. I can see how why it took over a year to plan for. It was strange watching the video as we are so used to social distancing. How was half term? Jessica can now walk! Well, walk and then fall but she is very pleased with herself.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Monty my man - sorry I should be saying Storm Chip to keep your identity a secret! Great to hear from you and I am glad you enjoyed the Gadget Workshop. We will be carrying on with it tomorrow - I will put the next task on the website for you tomorrow. Did you work out the spy names of your family too? It is good fun! Kind Regards, Mr Quicksilver

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