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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Red Kites - Wednesday 20th May

Bees  fly at a speed of around 25km per hour and beat their wings 200 times per second! That is ridiculous!

Today I would love bee related facts, jokes  or a photo of a bee - I am growing raspberries and the bees have been all over it so I will try to get a close up!

  • FreyaRedKite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G Happy National Thank a Teacher Day! I found out that bees have 5 eyes and that in their entire lifetime, they only make about a teaspoon of honey! I think bees are a very important species. What would we do without them? See you soon! From Freya
  • lukeredkitesclass5 1 year ago
    Bumblebees build nests underground and yesterday we had a bee swarm at the church! click on this link to get video for mango chicken burger with Joe Wicks and Jamie Oliver. Tomorrow i will get you another one if this works. It's bee joke time. Did you know i love bees because if you don't you better bee-lieve it.
  • Éva Red Kite 1 year ago
    Dear Mr G , here are some facts and jokes about honey bees. 1. Honey bees have to gather nectar from two million flowers to make a pound of honey. 2. The average bee will make only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. 3. All worker bees are female. 4. The type of flower the bees take their nectar from determines the flavour of honey Also here are 2 jokes I found really funny. 1. (Q) What’s a bees favourite singer? (A) Sting 2. (Q) What do you call a wasp? (A) A wanna-bee One more thing I have the hands drawing and the rainbow art but I don’t know how to send it. Do I email it to school and then you post it I’m not sure
  • Red kite Tristan 1 year ago
    Hi MrG I have a couple of facts about bees right here. 🐝 1) Is that bees literally work themselves to death. 2) Is that as bees get older, their brains get younger.
  • RedKite Isla 1 year ago
    Hi everyone, My bee jokes are here... 1. What do bee's wear to the beach? answer: A BEEkini 2. What's a bee's favorite sport? answer: rugBEE 3. What kind of bees live in graveyards? answer: Zombees
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Freya! Thank you and also a huge thank you for my lovely honeycomb. Such a thoughtful idea and it tasted delicious. It was certainly unexpected and Mrs Burningham delivered it to me! I love the design on the tub too - very creative. I have just had some and wow the sugar rush!!! I feel like Emelia at PGL! Very tasty and will try to save some. Five eyes?!??! Just bonkers. What a creature.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Luke! I love Joe Wicks - describing the burger 'it tastes banging' aka it tastes really delicious! Just made me laugh out loud. Such a character. Always use the stalks - good knowledge. They look so good and although I have eaten a hefty sized portion of dinner, it still makes me want to eat it! Classic bee joke - love it.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hello Éva - great to hear from you. How is your tooth and the bike riding going? My daughter fell over the other day and there were tears and a little blood on her knee - her first 'proper' fall! The fact that each bee makes just over 1 teaspoon of honey is just unbelievable. Nobody would have guessed that. Haha your second joke is one that I intend to use - I will credit you! I would love to see your art. Ask Mum or Dad to email it into the school office... and it will get sent onto me, i can then upload the pictures onto one of the daily blogs and voilà! If you can put Red Kites in the subject of the email, Mrs Fox will love you!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Trist! That second fact is unimaginable to me - I want to find out more details tomorrow so please update me. How do brains get younger?!? I remember references to your first joke in Bee Movie (my daughter watched it on repeat for many many months - classic film).
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Isla - can you see more of your sunflower head yet? All four of the sunflowers in this house are no higher than my knee. Wish I could physically see it but the photos are unreal. I loved your jokes - so simple but so true and effective. Zombees was my favourite!