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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

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  • 15/07/20

    Wednesday 15th July

    How did you get on with the quiz today? 
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  • 13/07/20

    Monday 13th July

    I cannot wait to see what you create and what you teach me about!
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  • 08/07/20

    Wednesday 8th July

    Sports Week Day 3! Main activity: Bucket Ball! Optional extra activities: Water balloon catch and recycled bowling!
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  • 07/07/20

    Tuesday 7th July - Wat-er Race!

    Well done to Diamond for their win yesterday and to everyone who took part - spread the word. How many people will take part today?
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  • 06/07/20

    Monday 6th July

    Day 1 of the Whitewater Sports Week! Egg and Spoon Race!
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  • 02/07/20

    Thursday 2nd July

    Today is my daughter's birthday! I spent most of last night building a swing set in the garden. I needed courage, fellowship and creativity to complete it without giving up, and overcoming some challenges! I was very pleased in the end!
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  • 01/07/20

    Wednesday 1st July

    How far will you need to travel? What did you find on the route?
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  • 30/06/20

    Tuesday 30th June

    if you have not had a look yet, can you see the 'what is important' activity on the class page.
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  • 29/06/20

    Monday 29th June

    Can you name the 10 countries that the Tropic of Capricorn goes through?
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  • 26/06/20

    Friday 26th June

    We all need people to idolise and be inspired by. Ariana was inspired by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
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